Swamp Rats MC New Forest 1996 to 2018

A brief look into the timeline of the club and our 22 year history.

In the year 1996 a committee was elected and the Swamp Rats MCC was formed, at this time the club wore a round patch on the left arm and also comprised of male and female members.

The Swamp Rats were a Southampton based club and became a side patch club in 1999 and in 2000 the Swamp Rats were given top and bottom rockers at this time the Swamp Rats then stopped taking female members.

A wooden club house was built in Minstead in 2002 this was by the trout lakes at this time the Swamp Rats then officially changed area from Southampton to the New Forest.

The Swamp Rats saw a change of President in 2003 then relocated to Bransgore RAF Camp and became a side patch MC club, 2004 saw another change of President and the Swamp Rats were granted permission to become a full back patch club, also in this year saw the patch design redrawn and these colours remain to this day.

2008 saw a new President elected and in July 2012 The Swamp Rats relocated to East Boldre and still our home to this day.

A new President was elected in 2014 and still remains to this day, the club has steadily grown over the years bigger and for the better to where we are to this date.

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